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Bolt Action


Largest Bolt Action Facebook Group

Bolt Action Honved


Group for Hungarian players

3D Printing for Historical Wargaming


Group for WW2 3D printing.

Scandinavian WWII Miniatures Group - Great Escape Games



Bolt Action Australian / NZ


Main Aust/NZ Bolt Action Group

Bolt Action World



Bolt Action KL


Dutch Bolt Action Group

Balkan WWII Miniatures Group Great Escape Games



Wargaming Operation Sealion





Cast Dice

The What's A Battle Podcast Network is home to number of podcasts dedicated to tabletop gaming in its many forms. Cast Dice is a generalist podcast dedicated to trying out and discussing tabletop games, war games and board games, that we, as gamers, love. The Ghost Army Podcast is an Australian based Bolt Action podcast that focusses on historical, gaming and hobby elements of the game that we love playing and taking about.

Juggernaut Wargaming

The Alpha and Omega of competitive Bolt Action discussion! Join Topher, Dan, Pete and Sheffield monthly as we talk shop about our very favourite Wargame! Bolt Action is a 28mm tabletop wargame set in the midst of World War 2, supported and distributed by Warlord Games. Sit back, relax and listen in as we wax lyrical about our games, experiences, events and all of the comings and goings of one of the best tabletop wargames in the world. Not forgetting a fair amount of banter and insults thrown in for good measure! Tune in to recurring segments such as: Bolt Action Anonymous Philosophical Question Bring out your Filth What the FAQ? Mr Blobby's Hobby Lobby! And plenty more to come! WARNING: NSFW Content


A podcast dedicated to the WW2 miniatures game Bolt Action.


A Bolt Action podcast host by two Bolt Action book authors (unfortunately it looks like this podcast has gone out of production, but I will leave the link while the original Episode remains available);

Sounds of Battle

Sounds of Battle is a podcast where three members of the South Wales Warlords, debate, analyse and laugh over miniature games of all kinds. They focus mainly on Warlord Games and Bolt Action, but also cover other companies and games.

Run to Cover

This podcast is a wargaming and miniatures hobby podcast mainly focusing on konflikt 47 by warlord games. Tom, Liam and Stew will take you on a journey of discussion and discovery with topics all relating to the k47 hobby.


Historical & Miniature Gamers (HMG) is a tabletop podcast focused on Bolt Action & the Western Australian scene. HMG covers local events, meta & tactics all focused on the best game out there Bolt Action from Warlord Games.

Trident Wargaming

This podcast covers a range of wargame rules including Horus Heresy, Bolt Action, Battletech, and Necromunda. But the Bolt Action content is regular and engaging.


Australian podcast covering Bolt Action and associated WW2 tabletop miniature games. (NB This podcast has become somewhat infrequent and can be NSFW).

Tabletop Tommies

Tabletop Tommies is a podcast that focuses on Bolt Action, the popular World War II themed tabletop wargame. Hosted by Jonny and Phil, the podcast delves into the game’s intricacies, discussing everything from tournaments to rules, tactics and strategies. With a wealth of experience in the game, both Jonny and Phil bring their expertise and enthusiasm to the airwaves, making Tabletop Tommies a must-listen for anyone who loves this immersive and thrilling pastime. Whether you’re a seasoned player or simply a fan of the era, Tabletop Tommies provides you with all the information and insights you need to lead a platoon on the tabletop battlefield.

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