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Miniatures for Axis Special/Elite Units



Warlord Games

Warlord offers an extensive range of FJ for mid to late war. The centre piece of the warlord range is the FJ plastic box set which includes 30 minis. Warlord also produces a number of metal supports and character packs, such as FJ with looted weapons and tropical FJ for North Africa. A broad range of support weapon is covered including the Panzerbuchse 41 and the 10.5cm recoilless rile.  Warlord also offers a number of heavy weapons, like the 75mm PAK and 20mm Flak, with dedicated FJ figures.



Foundry Miniatures

Foundry has a smaller FJ range, but they cover all the bases for an infantry force, including light mortars, lmgs, flamethrower and ATR. It also includes some wonderful character figures, such as pistol armed FJ. They also do FJ drop canisters.



Blacktree Studios

Blacktree offers a relatively large FJ range including a number of support options. In addition to rifle and smg figures, Blacktree offers figures with the FG42, MP44, panzerfausts and panzershrecks. Support options include the PAK40, IG18 and PAK37 with FJ crew figures, and a serval FJ motorcycle options. Some very nice character packs include snipers and FJ pioneers.

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Gorgon Miniatures

The Gorgon range in intended to fit with their other early war ranges - particularly the Norway campaign. The range has nine packs including an MMG and medium mortar and pioneer figures.



Fix Bayonets

Fix Bayonets is a new, small range, of early war figures. The range only has 3 packs so far, but includes lmg and mmg options.



Perry Miniatures

The Perry’s range is specifically designed for the Mid-War Mediterranean theatre. The range is reasonably large and includes MMG and med mortar support, as well as the FJ 75mm recoilless rifle and the sPzB anti-tank gun. The Perry’s have also included pack of FG42 figures for Late War Italy.



Artizan Miniatures

Artizan figures are styled for late war with second pattern jump smocks, jackets, and camo helmets, as well as late war weapons such as the MP44, FG42, Panzershreck and Panzerfaust. Other support weapons include the MMG and medium mortar. Artizan previously produced several mid-war Ramcke Brigade packs for North Africa which are now OOP, but very nice if you can find them. Artizan is available via Northstar



Crusader Miniatures

North Star also sells an early war FJ range from crusader miniatures. In addition to basic command and infantry figures Crusader offers ATRs, mmg, and medium mortar support options. Helpfully Crusader offers a FJ gun crew pack which can be used to make any gun part of an FJ force.



May 40 Minaitures

May 40 miniatures ran a very successful kickstarter for an early war FJ range in 2019. The range is primarily focused on the invasion of Holland but includes some packs for Greece/Crete. Thanks to the success of the kickstarter this range has lot of diversity with several variations on standard figures like command and support weapons. The range includes drop container variants and character packs for Eben Emael, captured Dutch weapons, mp38 smgs and generic gun crew.



1st Corps Miniatures

1st Corps figures largely cover the early to mid-war period equipped with rifles, MP40 smgs and lmg. While the range of minis is not large 1st corps also make some very nice resin drop containers, a supply dump marker, and casualty markers for FJ.



Gaddis Gaming

Gaddis Gaming offers several packs of FJ. Unfortunately there are not many pictures of the range available so it is hard to say they cover, but based on weapon descriptions it appears they are certainly good from mid to late war. Gaddis also offers an FJ motorcycle.



Offensive Minaitures

Offensive miniatures has been building a comprehensive range of late war FJ. This range offers everything you could need to make a late war force including panzerfausts, panzershrecks, FG42s and MP44s. Support weapons include a 75mm recoilless rifle, PAK40, nebelwerfer and heavy mortar. While vehicles include the motor cycle and kubelwagon. But where offensive really goes to town is with characters, they offer dedicated arty observers, feldpolizei, casualties, rifle grenade and a Battle of the Bulge king tiger diorama (if you google bulge, king tiger and FJ you will find the original image).



Westwind Miniatures

Westwind offers a small late war FJ range of figures in open second pattern smocks and jackets, including FG42 figures.



Heer46 (OOP)

Heer46 ran successful kickstarter in 2019 for an Italy range of FJ covering the mid-to-late war period. While the kickstarter was successful and the range distributed, unfortunately Heer46 is closed atm with an unclear future. If they return this range has some unique figures and poses for an Italy themed force and includes pioneer figures and the 8.7cm puppchen rocket gun.



Stoessis Heroes

Stoessis heroes produces a number of FJ personalities including Erich Lepkowski (Normandy rescue) ; Walter Koch (led Eben Emael assault); Rudolf Witzig (general badass) .



Eskice Miniatures (3D)

Eskice Minaitures has produced a very extensive range of FJ stls for early to late war that includes infantry, support weapons and vehicles including Nebelwerfer, PAK40, Kubbelwagen w trailer and canisters, DFS230, support weapons and the 8.8cm raketenwerfer.



Sarrissa Precision

Sarrissa produce a 28mm MDF version of the iconic DFS230 glider that was used at Eban Emael and the rescue of Mussolini



Barrage Miniatures

Barrage Miniatures produces a Resin DFS230.



Miniatures for Allied Special/Elite forces

1st Special Service Force (FSSF)

Artizan Miniatures

The FSSF was a joint US and Canadian commando force that earned the nick-name of the ‘devils brigade’. Because it was a combined unit it had a unique mix of uniforms and kit and Artizan miniature has produced a nice range of 9 packs to represent this colourful unit.

Special Forces: My Work
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