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One of the great things about 3D modelling and printing is that it allows people to produce obscure vehicles that could never be viable commercially, but it does not get much more obscure than this Partizanski Tenk model from Panzer of the Lake. This tank was built by Yugoslav Partisans in 1942 to assist with the taking of fortified villages from Italian forces. This vehicle had no guns only four firing slots, with four crew members stationed inside the vehicle (although several fake guns were attached). Due to the small size of the Tenk, the interior was very cramped and the crew members would have most likely had to stay in a bent-down position. The cramped interior would also have made the use of personal armament difficult. The only way for the crew to enter this vehicle was through a small rear door. The tank did not have any engine, but was instead moved by its crew or pulled by horses. There are no rule for this in BA, but it would be a great addition for a friendly game.

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