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A Mixed Bag

The latest releases from Eskice Minis is quite a mixed bag. The first release is Belgian infantry with special weapons. This group has a nice range of weapons including a light mortar, rifle grenades, BARs and SMGs. These minis are a great way to beef up you Belgian squads. Next Eskice offer some use US AA firepower with the M46 halftrack and the M17 trailer with quad AA. These units are on the costly side, but they offer strong firepower. I particularly like the crew figures for these models, especially the observer on the hood of the M45. Lately Eskice offers a paper tiger, the Skoda T25. The T25 was a design concept developed between Skoda and Germany in 1943 for a medium tank able to match the T34. While the design was well advanced the German ultimately cancelled the project for unknown reasons before any unit were produced.

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