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Ad-Hoc Armour

The latest release from prolific stl producer deweycat is the Italian Fiat 665NM Auto Protetto APC. Due to Italy’s lack of natural resources and limited industrial base they always struggle to built sufficient armoured vehicles and had to adapt existing medium and heavy trucks into armoured transports with ad-hoc armour. One of the most prolific conversions was the Fiat 665 heavy truck. The 665NM Protetto went beyond most armoured trucks, including an armoured cab with an open armoured passenger box. Unusual for the time the 665NM had weapon ports for the passengers to fight from within the vehicle. Over 100 models were produced, and it served with the Royal Italian Army, and post capitulation, with the R.S.I. and the Wehrmacht.

Unfortunately the 665NM is not currently covered in any Italian Army list - but it does appear in some of the diorama photos featured in the Bolt Action “Soft Underbelly” Campaign book, so hopefully we will see rules for this unit in a future Italian list

Deweycat's stl pack offers separate models for both FDM and resin printing.

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