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All Japanese Armour for Free

After an extended absence of 2 years TigerAce1945 (aka Zachary Kavulich) has returned to thingiverse with a magnum opus of Japanese armour. This pack features over 40 1:100 Vehicles and contains (along with several trucks and support vehicles) and represents every documented armored fighting vehicle to be approved for service in the Japanese Imperial Army. In my experience TigerAce1945's stl have nice detail and scale well to 1/56.

While TigerAce1945 has made all these files for FREE on thingiverse for those who would like to support his work he has a Patron at . The Patron includes early access to new packs and exclusive easy print files of all the tracked vehicles, but the Patreon has no vehicles that will not eventually be featured on Thingiverse for free. It only contains exclusive versions of these files with removed tracks. for your consideration.

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