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Armour Art

Andy Singleton has been producing a series of wargaming painting books covering many different aspects of WW2, the latest book in the series is Armoured Vehicles in Europe 1942-45. In this book Andy starts by discussing the tools and materials required and explaining some basic techniques, such as dry-brushing and stippling. He then moves on to detailed step-by-step instructions for the main paint schemes of each of the major combatants, British, American, German and Soviet Union. Each step is illustrated by a color photo, paint number and the type and size of brush used, and there are variants for use with or without an airbrush. Adding national emblems and other markings, either freehand or by using transfers, is also covered. In addition to the basic paint scheme there is guidance for adding weathering effects and wear and tear, such as dust, chipped paint or even winter whitewash. Finally he shows you how to enhance your models with finishing touches such as the addition of stowage and camouflage measures such as netting or foliage. The book is currently on pre-order for a July release.

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