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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

In a bit of a coincidence, Studio Historia and Studio Grozny have both just released Australian infantry. The Studio Historia Aussies fit in with their ongoing Greece Campaign releases, and as such are still equipped with Pattern 08 webbing, rather than the newer Pattern 37 webbing. The Australians also retained their older uniforms over the battle dress that New Zealanders and British adopted. The miniatures include a selection of our Australian forces in their slouch hats, but are available with helmets as well. Studio Grozny is offering a pack of pacific theatre Aussie .stls that contains seven WW2 Australian army infantry models armed with Lee-Enfield SMLE rifles, Owen SMGs and Bren LMG. They are also offering separate slouch and helmet stl packs.

All the Aussies you could never need! Even if you don't need Aussies it is well worth checking out the images of the beautifully painted minis on the Studio Historia Facebook page.

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