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Badass Buggy

The history of the birth of the SAS, or “Special Air Service”, and the exploits of David Stirling are legendary. In the forefront of the SAS ventures in the Western Desert was the “Blitz Buggy”, a Ford C 11 station wagon that Stirling reclaimed from a rear echelon salvage depot after it had been rolled. Stirling had the roof removed and mounted Vickers K MGs and adapted it to carry extra fuel and stores.

In Bolt Action the Blitz Buggy is offered in the Western Desert theatre list. The vehicle comes as veteran, with front facing one pair of Vickers Ks, and an optional second pair with a 360-degree cover.

This .stl pack for the Blitz Buggy from deweycat productions is intended for resin printing. The pack includes sets of fuel cans, modelled after the “flimsys” used by the British at that time. A driver figure is included, wearing goggles and the Keffiyeh scarf favoured by many in that theatre.

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