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Be My Valentine

Warlord has released a models for the Valentine Infantry tank Mk III / V. The most produced Valentine variant, the Mk III was an improved design with a completely redesigned turret, internal mantlet and enlarged turret basket which gave additional room for the loader to operate the upgraded QF 2-pdr Mk V gun. This in turn freed up the commander for other duties. To offset the additional turret for the new turret the side armour was reduced slightly from 60mm to 50mm. The Mk III served from 1941.

The Mk V, which was externally identical to the MK III with the key difference being a new GMC diesel engine and transmission. The MK V saw service from 1942. Both the Mk III and Mk V were also supplied to the Soviet Union under the lend lease program and were well liked by Soviet crews who rated their straightforward but effective design.

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