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Beach Closed

Deweycat productions has released another left-field model for BA wargamers - a coastal defence gun. Coastal guns were common in WW2 and deweycat has done an stl of the Japanese 8” gun emplacement located on the island of Beito (part of the Tarawa chain).

The Japanese invested heavily into turning Beito Island into a mini-Gibraltar, and it was bristling with guns by the time the American invasion fleet arrived in November 1943. The defences included fourteen coastal guns of various calibres, but the most significant being four Vickers 8” gun manufactured for Japan at the time of the Russo-Japanese war (1904/1905). Despite the immense pre-invasion bombardment, one of the four 8” guns remained in action into the second day of the battle.and this mode is based on one of those gun emplacements.

Deweycat has under scaled the model by approximately 10 % to ensure it will fit on the build plate of most FDM printers, but the mount and turret can be printed in either FDM or resin with .stls for both. Although modelled after the Beito emplacements, this model is suitable to represent other coastal gun positions. On the table, it be used as terrain or an objective or it could be proxied as a heavy howitzer if you wanted to use it in a game.

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