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One of the options offered to Soviet players in the “Road to Berlin” is "bed spring" armour skirting. This options has the same benefits and point cost as German Schürzen side skirts. Soviets tankers were suffering terrible losses to the the desperate defenders of the Reich armed with panzerfausts. To provide some protection Soviet workshops used sheets of metal mesh banding – which resembled bed springs – fastened them onto the sides and turrets of Soviet tanks. This was intended to cause the hollow charge faust weapons to prematurely detonate at distance from the armour, thus minimizing the penetration of the weapon. Photos of this installations show a wide mix of styles and mountings.

To represent this protection in Bolt Action deweycat productions has released an stl pack with two sets of 'bed springs'; one a full size and one reduced size. Given the fine detail these stls are meant for resin printing.

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