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Big and Buried Guns

Arvernes Miniatures is back with some big gun releases. The first new model is the German 15cm Gun s.IG.33 with steel wheels. This howitzer counts as heavy howitzer in BA and will add some punch to any German force. In addition to the gun the model comes with a sandbag wall and a batch of ammunition.

The second Arvernes stl is for the German Pantherturm (buried Panther turret). While the Pantherturm is a bit expensive for something that cannot move, the pre-deployment rules and extra cover from being buried make this powerful unit for securing objectives. This file comes with an urban base (with or without sandbags) and a rural base, open and closed hatch, and an articulated barrel. Both files are 1/56 (28mm) scale and also come pre-hollowed model and with normal and pre-supported STL files.

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