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Big into Borgwards

Even though the the Warlord Games Bolt Action “Tough Gut” Campaign Book has not yet been released, thanks to the Juggernaut Podcast preview of the book we know the Borgward IV remote controlled demolition vehicle is going to be the next big thing in Bolt Action. We already have seen a file from WindHamGraves and now we have one from the great DeweyCatProductions.

Officially designated the Schwerer Ladungsträger Borgward IV heavy explosive carrier. The model represented in this .stl pack is the Borgward IV Ausf. A, the first model to enter serial production. It was equipped with a 49-horsepower 4-cylinder water-cooled gasoline engine. Ausf. A was the most produced model (there were models B and C) , with approximately 616 produced between May 1942 and June 1943.

This was a Goliath on steroids. and actually worth its points. The human driver was only used to set the vehicle up before it was sent to its target under wireless remote control. It dropped a large package of 450 kilogram and then withdrew back to its handler.

This .stl pack from deweycat has .stls for FDM and for resin. The radio mast has a 0.12 mm hole so you can mount an antenna – e.g., a paint brush bristle.

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