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Big Italian Surprise

Wargames Atlantic made a surprise announcement today that they releasing a box of plastic Italians. Wargames Atlantic generally like to preview and tease their future releases, but this came out of the blue. The hard plastic box set allows you to build up to 32 soldiers equipped with standard Carcano rifles and carbines, Beretta Model 38s, Breda 30s, grenades, pistols, and more. You can also build up to two Breda 37 heavy machine guns with crew. Several different heads are included for all figures including the standard helmet, pith helmet, Alpine hat, Bustina, and separate feathers to create Bersaglieri! It looks like a great box - although the timing of this announcement, coming just as Warlord has been previewing their plans for a plastic Italian box set, is clearly not a coincidence.

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