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Bomb Goes Boom

Bolt Action Partisans have special army rules which give them three “Hidden Bombs”. A Partisan player can place these anywhere on the table outside of their opponent’s deployment zone to represent booby traps or mines. The bomb is triggered whenever an enemy comes within 6” of the bomb marker. On a roll of 1, 2, or 3 the bomb is revealed as a phoney and removed; on a 4 or 5 it remains live but is not triggered; but on on a roll of six it hits like a heavy howitzer. This serves as a good area denial weapon and plays a strong psychological deterrent in the game. To represent these bombs Deweycat has released a hidden bomb tokens for resin printing and FDM printing. While these perhaps look a bit cartoonish there is no doubt as to what they represent. The tokens are 20 mm in diameter, in keeping with the listing in the Partisan army rules.

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