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Boosting German Firepower

Counlane Minatures has been busy - dropping five new stls today. The Panzer III seem to be a popular subject at the moment and Counlane joins the party with models for the 1942 Panzer III L and the 1943 Panzer III M. In Bolt Action, the Panzer III L and M are esentially the same tank, but these models from Counlane come with a number of options and stowage to allow you to make distinct models for historical forces. In addition to the Panzer III tank Counlane has released a model of the EW Panzerjager I. The Panzerjager I provides some cheap and effective AT capabiltiy for EW forces, and like the Panzer III models, comes with plenty of options and stowage to create a unique model.

Lastly Counlance has done a model for the Panzer I sIG33 Bison, offering both the sIG assault gun howizter and the sIG33 heavy howitzer sperately. These are both detailed models with plenty of options. I particulalry like the Stielgranate 42 demolition charge option. While there are no rules for this weapon in BA is looks very mean and will likely scare your opponent with or without rules.

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