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Bring out the Big Guns

The new Bolt Action Campaign book “Case Blue “Scenario 3 : Sevastopol – Fort Maxim Gorky” is based on the the lengthy Axis efforts to break the Soviet defences in the strategic port of Sevastopol, and requires the the Soviet player to have two of the Maxim Gorky turrets, a Command bunker (from which Soviet reinforcements can emerge during the game - reflecting the connected underground tunnel complex of the fortress) and extensive craters.

Sevastopol Armoured Coastal Batteries #30 and #35, or Maxim Gorky I and II, were completed in 1934. and consisted of two turrets, each housing two 305mm (12”) naval guns. The turrets were the only part of a vast complex, most of which was underground, containing elaborate housing, power plant, artesian wells, a hospital, etc. The forts were also protected with several integral anti-aircraft batteries. The German went to considerable effort to knock out these behemoth guns, including bringing up the massive Karl “super heavy mortar” as well as railway guns and WW1-era 420mm mortars. Despite the concentrated ground and air attacks, it ultimately required a ground assault to finally overcome the Soviet forts. The scenario plays out last hours of the Maxim Gorky guns, as after the gun the crews ran out of shells, they fired 70-kilogram powder charges directly at the attacking Germans, spewing broad sheaths of flame out the barrels.

To enable you to play this scenario the talented dewey cat has produced an stl pack that contains:

  • The Maxim Gorky turret, with a separate base and the gun barrels (this model is approximately 60% of the actual size.

  • A command bunker, with removable roof. The bunker has earth modelled up its side, to reflect the dug in nature of the defenses.

  • A selection of multiple craters, single, double, and triple.

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