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British 2-pounder QF Anti-tank gun .stl

Deweycat's latest 3D model release is the British 2-pounder QF Anti-tank gun. Entering service in 1936, the 2-pounder’s 40mm round was superior to other 37mm ATGs then entering service, but was much heavier, taller, and more complex to get into action. The 2-pounder served well in the early war, and although it was scheduled to be replaced by the 6-pounder, the post-Dunkirk losses of material forced the 2-pounder production to continue, and it was used long past its “best before” date. It was also mounted on many AFVs and even on ad-hoc portee and vehicle mounts through to the end of the war. The stl for this gun can be found at wargaming 3d.

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