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Calling for a Tow

Allan's Corner has released stls for a number of Dutch Ford based truck and tows. The Dutch converted commercial Ford and Chevrolet cars and trucks in tractors used to pull anti-tank guns including the DAF 91Y (1.0t) and Ford DAF 01Y (1.0t) Command cars and tows. Allan's corner has done 3 Versions of the Ford-DAF 01Y;

– Long with 2 rows of seats – Long with 3 rows of seats – Short with 3 rows of seats

For heavier guns the Dutch converted commercial Ford and Chevrolet trucks in tractors used for Artillery and Anti Aircraft tractors, including the DAF Trado 6×4 artillery tractor based on the Ford V8 truck. The Dutch designed the so called TRADO suspension systems which made the trucks much more easy to use in terrain. If needed tracks could be added to the rear wheels to improve terrain capabilities even more. The Trado conversion also added a winch which was connected to the towbar and made it rather easy attach the gun to the tractor. As the winch would pull the gun automatically to the truck, this could all be done by 1 person.

After May 1940 many of the Anti-tank Tractors have been used by the Germans and thus can also be added to your German war-gaming army.

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