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Classic German Armour

The 38t is the quintessential German ew tank and Tank Nerd Creation has released great new stls for this tank. Wehrmacht in the early periods of WW II.

This first version is the classic Pz 38(t) Ausf E/F. This model includes both open and closed hatches and choice of two commander figures in early/mid war uniforms. The second model is the PanzerBefelswagen 38(t) (Armored Command Vehicle). This vehicle was used at the Battalion and Regimental level and allowed longer distance radio transmissions due to the large frame antenna attached to the back deck of the vehicle. The usual bow mounted machine gun was removed to allow for another radio. Additionally, the main gun was replaced with a dummy barrel to give more space in an already cramped fighting compartment. This model also contains both an open and closed hatch turret, an open and detailed radio operator’s compartment and two figures depicting a unit commander and radio operator.

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