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Coming Ashore

The backbone of the Japanese amphibious operations was the Daihatsu-Class landing craft. This was a shallow draft 14-meter landing craft, used to ferry troops, tanks (it was able to carry a Type 95 light tank) or as a transport for supplies. This craft was crucial given the dearth of other transport options – considering the primitive nature or complete absence of roads and rail systems in many parts of the Pacific theatre. The 14 meter Daihatsu-class landing craft was built in the thousands and were in use from 1932 through to the end of the conflict.

This .stl from Deweycat designed to be 92% of actual 1/56 scale size, to ensure it will fit most FDM built plates. Due to the craft large size, the difference should not affect playability, but if you are a stickler and have a large build plate, you can scale up the .stl to 108% for an actual 1/56th scale print.

The model comes with both a closed front ramp and an extended ramp. These rampaslot in the hull and can be exchanged for gaming.

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