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Desert Driving

If you need more obscure French armoured cars in your life (and who doesn't) Arvernes Miniatures has you covered with the release of stls for the AMD Panhard 165/175 and 179,

The Panhard 179 is an armored personnel carrier produced from 1934.. It is armed with a MAC machine gun Model 1931 and carried 6 soldiers in addition to the driver and the vehicle commander. It was used in counter-insurgency operations in Morocco in the 1930s and by the 1st RCA in WW2.

The Panhard 165 was designed in 1929 to meet the harsh conditions of colonial service The tall 4x2 vehicle had a crew of four (driver, assistant driver/mechanic, commander/radio and gunner). 60 such vehicles were built in total, but 30 were of the modified 175 type. This model was an update - taking into account the lessons of the Rif War and interwar service. The modifications revolved around the reinforced suspension and the addition of a rear mounted driver post.

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