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Double Dutch

After recently dropping the Dutch Morris stl, Allan's Corner has returned with more Dutch goodness:

  • Carden Llyod Tankette MKV (the Dutch army had 5 of these tankettes which were the only tracked vehicles in the Netherlands)

  • Wilton-Fijenoord Armored car (the Dutch had 3 Wilton-Fijenoord Armored cars available in May 1940, but none saw any combat, however a car was captured by the Germans and made a last stand in Berlin in 1945).

  • 15 cm Lang Staal Howitzer (siege Artillery made by Krupp, which was used as field artillery by the Dutch during the German invasion. The army had 48 guns available in 1940)

  • 12 cm Lang Staal Howitzer (also made by Krupp and used as field artillery during the German invasion. The army had 144 guns in service in the 1940’s).

These files are scaled at 15mm, but should resize to 28mm.

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