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Dutch 8 Staal 8.4cm Field Gun

One of the more obscure references in Bolt Action has to be the Severely Outdated 8-Staal Dutch light howitzer entry. Fortunately for those wanting to save 10pts and take the 8-staal option, deweycat has you covered with a new STL for this gun. The gun, which was produced for the Dutch in 1880 by the Krupp firm, was a weapon from a different time, designed for a different style of war. It not only lacked a recoil system, but it also lacked any method of traverse beyond a gunner slewing the carriage side to side with the trail’s handspike. The ammunition was a two-part shell and black powder charge, enabling a rate of fire of only two rounds minute, and was aimed over iron sights. But while the gun obsolete by WW2 over 100 were still employed in the defense of the Netherlands at the outbreak of the war:

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