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Dutch AA

Allan's Corner is keeping the Dutch stls coming, this time he has released an stl for the 7,5 cm Skoda AA Gun. The Dutch had a total of 27 batteries 7,5 cm AA guns in May 1940; 72 pieces Vickers 7,5 cm, and 12 pieces Skoda 7,5 cm guns. The model comes with the gun in a ready to fire setup and a tow version. Also included is a fire-control-unit, range-finder, 75 cm Searchlight and a model for a Spandau M/08 MG (Dutch designation Spandau M.25) on a tripod. Unfortunately there is currently no entry in the Dutch list for this gun, but with these you are able to print and setup a full Dutch Anti Aircraft Battery as used in May 1940 for your table.

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