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Fight Them on the Beaches

MARDEV miniatures has been making a range of British bunkers for some time, and have just release four new bunkers: the Mowlem Drum pillbox; type 22 design with a protected entrance and a Light AA on the roof; minefield control tower; and a coastal gun emplacement.

The Mowlem Drum pillbox was an unusual design produced by J Mowlem Builders and found on GHQ Line B in Surrey.

Many pillboxes also had a dedicated light AA mount into the design (such as the Type 23 and Type 27). This MARDEV example is a modified Type 22 design with a protected entrance and a LAA on the roof.

The coast of mainland Britain is penetrated by dozens of rivers and many more smaller inlets. As it was thought that German invasion barges could make their way up these and land troops additional defences were added around the mouths of the later estuaries including minefields, defensive booms and buoys. At a couple of locations, the defences were extensive enough that they required their own minefield control tower. This MARDEV example is based on the control tower at Burnham-on-Crouch

Lastely, along the East coast of England, there were a number of emplacements that were sited for defending against a seaborne invasion. These could be armed with a range of weaponry, usually older, large calibre guns (often ex-naval). This example from the North East coast was equipped with a 4” naval gun.

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