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Fighting Police

Although the latest BA book is Case Blue, Warlord is still releasing units from the Campaign Italy: Soft Underbelly, the latest being a box of Italian Carabinieri. The Carabinieri, though trained and equipped for combat in the front line, primary role was as military policemen. Mobile battalions were also used for reconnaissance and liaison. They also sometimes functioned as civil police, blurring the lines of their military and civil roles.

Rules for fielding Carabinieri Sections in games of Bolt Action can be found in Campaign Italy: Soft Underbelly. Carabinieri Sections count as Infantry for the purpose of the generic Reinforced Platoon from the Bolt Action rulebook and Armies of Italy and the Axis book. 0–1 Carabinieri section can be selected as an Infantry section option for any of the Theatre Selectors found in the Armies of Italy and the Axis book and many of the reinforced platoons found in Soft Underbelly. The new box contains 11 plastic and metal figures, with plastic bases and waterslide decal sheet.

In addition to Carabinieri Warlord has also released a model for the Italian L3 tankette mounted with a Solothurn anti-tank rifle as its primary armament, allowing this diminutive vehicle a fighting chance against armoured opponents.

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