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For Honor Alone

Warlord Games has release a scenario for one of the more obscure battle of WW2. News of the Italian armistice on 8 September 1943 came as a shock to troops stationed in Italy’s Chinese concessions (European diplomatic and commercial enclaves within China). It did not take long for the Japanese to react, sending elements of their 27th Infantry Division to round up the now-suspect Italians. If they would not surrender peacefully, the Japanese commander had orders to eliminate the outposts by any means.

100 marines of the Carlotto Battalion, San Marco Regiment, garrisoned the Beijing radio station. They were led by Lt. Cmdr. Baldassare, a professional and committed officer. On 8 September, communication with Italy produced confusing reports of what was happening. No one knew at this point how the Japanese would react, but it was well known that the Japanese army viewed all Europeans with contempt. Baldassare’s men decided to fortify their position, ready what weapons were available, and await developments.

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