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Forza D'Animo

Deweycatproductions is back with .stl pack for the TL37 4 X 4 truck with the Cannone da 75/27 modello 11 light howitzer. The gun was mounted on a rear bed of a stripped-down TL 37 truck. The Modello 11 gun itself was a unique gun, French designed and adopted by the Italians when they were Allied with France in WW1. The gun was permanently mounted on the truck bed; this was not a porteed mount.

This .stl pack is intended for resin printing and includes the front mounted pintle mounted MMG and a driver figure. Using the Western Desert Campaign book (p.89) an Italian player can field one of these as a regular for only 65 points, add the front pintle MMG (+ 15 pts).

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