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Full On Free French

About two years ago, French digital designer ludocortorum did a French 'Kickstarter' for a range of French French minis and vehicles. This was a great range, but only physical prints were offered at the time. ludocortorum has now released the stls for this range for purchase. Although I got a number of the prints I will be investing in these lovely digital files. The full range covers:

  • Free French Dodge Tanake

  • Dodge 3ton 4X2 MCP truck

  • Morris C8 “Derviche” (light AT armed)

  • Hotchkiss 13.2mm AA quad mount

  • Canon de 75mm

  • French Universal Carrier with SA34 gun (light AT)

  • Free French squad

  • Hotchkiss 8mm MMG

  • 81mm Brandt Medium mortar team

  • Officer Team

  • Bren LMG team

This range is suitable for Western Desert operations from 1941 to 1943 and is scaled at 1/50.

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