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Fun Fortifications

A new designer, Made by Mice Minis, has burst on the scene with the stls. The first is an improvised launchers like these were used by Japanese forces late in the Pacific campaign, notably on Iwo Jima. While they were somewhat crude and likely made in the field, they fired the 200mm/8 inch naval rocket, made by fitting a spin stabilized rocket motor to a 200mm shell. This kit includes stls for the launcher and rockets.

The second stl is the GFM CLoche (turrent). These observation and firing positions were a common feature on the Maginot Line. They were made of thick cast iron and served as machine gun, firing and observation positions. These turrets were fixed and could be rotated and in some cases retracted,

The last stl is an FT-17 turret that has been repurposed as a machine gun positions on a bunkers, notably these were used by the Germans on the Atlantic Wall. In some case the original machine gun has been replaced with a German mg34 and many of the view ports have been covered to provide better protection for the operator.

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