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Go for Greeks

The GEGSTARTER HELLAS is now open! This GEGStarter is to launch a new range of Winter Greek figures sculpted by Alan Marsh. GEG is starting with two squads of 10 inc. grenade launcher and light machine gun, and a 4 man command. Based on pre-order numbers GEG will add additional units (like a KS stretch goal):

HMG Team – 3 figs with HMG

82mm Mortar Team – 3 figs with mortar

Sniper Team – 2 figs

AT Rifle Team – 2 man Boys AT rifle team

50mm Mortar Team – 2 figs with 50mm Mortar

FO Team – 3 figs with comms gear

Flamethrower – 2 figs

Prone Infantry – 4 figs

Mule Team – 2 figs with mules

There are two GEGStarter pledge levels for purchase on the GEG the website:

  • £35 – Anthypolochagos – (24 figures): Command (4 figs), 2 x 10-man Squads (each with LMG and Gde Launcher)

  • £62 – Lochagos – (44 figures): Command (4 figs), 4 x 10-man Squads (2 x Sq A, 2 x Sq B, each with LMG and Gde Launcher)

You can also add all the stretch goals at the end of the GEGStarter using the shopping cart where you can select a GEGStarter shipping option for no additional postage. I am a big fan of GEG and their efforts to produce non-standard WW2 figure range, and I strongly encourage all to support this GEGStarter.

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