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Great Scott

Tank Nerd Creations has just released a a 1/56 scale model of the M8 Scott HMC (Howitzer Motor Carriage). The M8 was a US self-propelled howitzer used by reconnaissance squadrons and tank battalions, to provide mobile, light artillery support. It was developed on the chassis of the M5 Stuart tank and was equipped with a 75mm, M116 howitzer in an M7 mount. This file from Tank Nerd contains the M8 Scott HMC with a partial hull interior, two crew members and optional stowage for the turret and hull. The turret and machine gun both come in elevated and zero elevation variants. This file also contains both supported and unsupported files of the M8. As with all Tank Nerd Creations’ models, this file also contains the documentation covering printing and supporting recommendations and detailed assembly instructions.

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