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Half a Laffly

AFter release the lovely Laffly S15T, Garden Shed Printing has taken the opportunity to develop other models based on the Laffly Chasis. During the 1930’s Laffly produced a range of all-wheel-drive cross-country trucks (and tractors) for military purposes. All featured an additional set of small wheels in front and similar set suspended beneath the driver’s cab to help the vehicle cross ditches and obstacles. The Laffly V15T was one of these, a 4×4 all-terrain liaison vehicle that was used as a tractor for the 25mm AT gun.

Production difficulties and the outbreak of war mean that less than 200 vehicles had been delivered by June 1940. Most of these vehicle were parked when France fell, not able yet to join their units, and captured afterwards by the Germans. This vehicle is listed as a tow in the BA french list, but could also be used in the 'car' transport slot to transport a 3 man team.

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