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Hard Rain

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

EugeneSmichnik has release an stl for the Soviet M30 rocket launcher. This launcher fired a 300 mm rocket containing over 60 lbs of high explosive, which was much larger than the more common BM-13 Katyusha (whose projectile was 132mm in diameter). The M-30 can be found in the the Bolt Action “Ostfront” theatre book, and it is the only multiple launcher that give you with the option for a spotter. Because of the heavier rockets the unit does 3D6 HE rather than the normal 2DL for rockets. However the benefits of this unit are balanced by the fact that when if fires it gains D3 pins markers and must pass a rally order before it can be fired again. [EDIT: EugueneSmichnik has also released a separate crew pack - to really flesh out your launcher base].

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