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Having a Blast

Deweycat Productions excels at producing stls to allow players to use underappreciated BA units, and he has done it again with an stl for the Hayrick demolition charge.

The Bolt Action “Soft Underbelly” book includes the choice of a Royal Engineers section. This section has a selection of options within it, including demolition charges for +3 points per man. Unlike similar options in other armies, these Royal Engineers are not limited to using their demo charges “once per game” (yet). One of the standard demolition charges used by Commonwealth armies in WW 2 was the Hayrick demo charge. This weapon carried 15 lbs of HE and used a shaped charge design to demolish fortifications and other obstructions on the battlefield.

Deweycat's .FREE stl pack includes the basic Hayrick charge which can be printed on its own and then added to a suitable plastic 28mm figure. Also included is the charge on a 12mm round base, which can be used to mark the target. The two .stls are included both alone and pre-supported.

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