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A new stl for everyone's favorite OP unit. Tnak Nerd Creations has released this stl for the Panzer II (F) Flamm (Flamingo) (SdKfz 122) with commander figure. To meet the requirement for a flamethrower tank prior to the invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, The PZ II Ausf. D chassis was chosen as the vehicle base due to its fast speed and good cross country performance. While good in theory, the Pz II Flamm’s light armor made it vulnerable to enemy fire and its volatile flamethrower fuel. The PZ II Flamm was pulled from service in 1942 and all remaining chassis converted into Marder II Ausf. Ds. While not a success in battle - in BA two flamethrowers make this thing a beast. Because of the level of detail this model is intended for resin printing only.

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