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Improved Italian

Deweycat has produced a model of the Italian M15-42, one of the best options in the Italian Army list with 8+ armour, two hull MMGs and two coaxial MMGs, as well as a light ATG. The M15-42 was the last version of the Italian “M” series tank, following the M13-40 and M14-41. The M15-42 had a more powerful L40 47mm ATG, and a new powerful petrol engine, Unfortunately the model comes with some harsh truths - that being the fact that there isn’t any documentary evidence supporting the twin coaxial MMGs (so the model turret represents the actual turret, with only one coaxial MG modelled).

If historical accuracy is not going to hold you back this is an outstanding option for the hard-pressed Italians!

But if four MMG is not enough dakka for you deweycat also provides files for the Semovente da 20/70 quadruplo, a prototype AA vehicle. This AFV mounted four Scotti 20mm auto cannons on an M15 chassis. At least one was made and is documented to have served with Italian forces and then Germans in Italy. The hull MMGs were removed, and the opening plated over for this model. Unfortunately there are no BA rules for this tank yet, but perhaps this version will be represented in the upcoming “Tough Gut” campaign book. But just in case - using the unoffical BA vehcile contruction rules this tank would be an 8+ armour tracked vehicle, ( 70 pts ), open topped (-5 pts), with 4 x light autocannons) ( 4 x 30 pts), experimental (-10 points but requires order check); total cost 175 points at regular.

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