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In the Trenches

Sarissa Precision - masters of all things MDF - have released a new trench system for 28mm gaming. The Trench System set comes with 18 trench lengths, 1 firing position and barbed wire. Most trench pieces measure approximately 10cm x 10cm giving you close to two meters of Trench (which can be laid out close to a straight line to cover 190cm, over 6ft). Each trench section can be separated into two halves as well, providing plenty of opportunities for adaptation. The set includes:

  • 4x Trench Straights

  • 1x Trench Firing Position

  • 2x Trench T Sections

  • 4x Trench Corners

  • 4x Trench Angled Corners

  • 2x Trench Entrances

  • 2x Trench Dead Ends

  • 10 Hedge Hog type barricades

  • 10 lengths of 8cm long barbed wire type barricades

  • 5 meters of barbed wire!

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