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Interesting Inter-War

Updated: Jun 29

With the conclusion of their recent inter-war models KS, Wargame3D has now made the KS files for available for purchase. The range of stls includes:

  • Gelandewagen Tempo G 1200

  • Vickers Medium Tank Mk.I

  • Vickers Medium Tank Mk.II

  • Vickers Medium Tank Mk.III

  • Vickers Light Tank T-15

  • Vickers Carden-Loyd M1931 Light Amphibious Tank

  • Panzer II Ausf.A (Sd.Kfz.121)

  • Panzer I Ausf.A (Sd.Kfz.101)

  • BT-2

  • US M2A2

  • M1 combat car

  • M1917 Light Tank with 2 optional turret options

  • ADMK Mulus Tankette

  • M1931 Combat Car – Marmon Herrington CTLS-4TA

  • Vickers Crossley armoured car (Type 87 Crossley)

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