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Is it time to Panic?

Not strictly BA news but Models and collectibles group Hornby announced the acquisition of a 25% share in Warlord Games on Friday, Hornby said the acquisition would provide it with an opportunity to diversify its product portfolio and tap into the thriving market for historical tabletop wargames and miniatures.

Interestingly with the initial investment, Hornby also secured an option to acquire a majority stake in Warlord around the second anniversary of the initial acquisition, and potentially gain complete ownership of the company in the future.

What does this mean for BA? Is this good news - synergies with Airfix for Warlord, and Skytrex for Hornby? Sharing production and design costs? Or is is a sign of challenges/problems at Warlord? On balance I think this will be good - I particularly like the idea of Warlord and Airfix working together - but time will tell.

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