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It All Dutch to Me

The Marmon-Herrington MTLS 1GI4 was a four-man light tank designed during World War II as a private venture. It mounted a pair of quick-firing 37mm guns and a multitude of .30 calibre machine guns. It was ordered in some numbers by the Dutch for use in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), but few had been delivered before the Japanese invasion and takeover. The US Army weren’t very impressed by THE DESIGN, but they did buy a few to send to Alaska for patrol duties.

This model from mojobob is designed at 1:100 scale for use in 15mm gaming but can be rescaled at 179-208% (1/56-1/48) for BA. Unfortunately the tank does not yet has an official BA entry, but you can used the Vehicles Design guide on my resource page to provide Sat easily. .

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