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Italian Jeep

Another great stl from deweycat, filling out under-serviced niche in the Italian Army list - transport. The Italian Army list has very limited list of transport options compared to the lengthy German or British transport lists. If you don’t want to pay the point cost of a truck, but need to transport one or two small teams – a flame thrower team for instance -

you need the Fiat 508 Coloniale - which deweycat has now provided an stl for.

The Coloniale was based on the pre-war civilian Fiat 508 Balilla. Powered by a 32 HP engine, the two-wheel-drive car was used by Italy and Germany on both the African and Eastern fronts during World War II. In Bolt Action the Fiat 508 can transport 4 men for a mere 23 points at regular. This .stl pack is suitable for both resin and FDM printing.

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