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Italian Mad Max Tow

While the recent BA errata allowing heavy guns to come onto the table at the start of a game means that tows are in less demand - some people will still want the mobility to move their guns more than 6" or will need a tow for Tank Wars. Which is why is is great to see to new stl from deweycat for the Italian P4 tow.

The Pavesi P4 tractor was cutting edge tow technology with exceptional ground clearance and a double articulated body. Originally designed as farm tractor, its capacity also made it far too expensive for civilian purposes, but its abilities were recognized by the military, and it entered service in small numbers in the late 1920s and saw wide service with the Italian army in WW2.

The resin .stl packs include pre-supported files as well as the basis .There is a driver figure for the resin stl,

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