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Italian Pick-Up

Deweycat continues his Italian releases with release of an .stl package for the SPA TL37 light truck. This line of trucks was particularly well suited to the desert terrain of North Africa, with large wheels and a short wheelbase. In addition to its use as a transport, it was also served as a “gun truck”, with mounting of various weapons – such as 20 mm autocannons and 65 mm and 75 mm field guns.

Deweycat's pack provides two hull options – the transport model with the front mounted pintle MMG mount, and a hull with the rear bed mounted 20mm Breda model auto cannon (which is an option in the Italian army list for a soft skin mounted light auto cannon). A driver figure is included as is a basic 20mm gun. The gun mounting also fits the more detailed Breda 20mm autocannon .stl print, which is sold separately at Wargaming 3d, ( ) and which includes a seated gunner.

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