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Italians Go Big

There has been a dearth of Italian Heavy Artillery options for BA, particularly since since HEER 46 - one of the few producers of an Italian Heavy Howitzer - closed shop. Fortunately deweycatproduction has now stepped into the gap with an stl for the Italian 149/40 model 35 Heavy Howitzer in 1/56th scale.

The 149/40 model 35 howitzer entered production shortly before Italy's entry into the war but only approx 60 were manufactured. It was a large gun and was unique in that the gun trails were stabilized by driving large spike through the trails into the ground, resulting in a gun that did not move once registered, which would theoretically result in better accuracy with repeated firings. The 149/40 Model 35 served in North Africa as well as later with German forces in Italy, where a small batch were produced in the RSI controlled north of Italy, referred to as the 15 cm K 408(i).

Deweycats .stl pack includes stls for resin printing (including pre-supported files), FDM printing, and an optional base plate to mount the gun and thefive figures with 25 mm bases (note the pack does not include crew figures).

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