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Italians Upgun

One of the great new Italian options in the Case Blue Campaign book is the Cannone da 75/32 Modello 37, and although the book is barely out deweycat has already dropped an stl for this gun.

The 75/32 was a split trail, 75mm field gun first designed in 1937, but did not come into service until 1941. The gun was considered to be a howitzer, but was also a potent anti-tank gun, using a highly effective HEAT round. The gun saw wide ranging service with the Italians, and post-1943 armistice, also with the Germans who titled it as 7.5 cm FeldKanone 248(i).

In Case Blue book, the 75/32 is considered as a medium anti-tank gun that is also capable of firing as a light howitzer, which is identical to the versatile Soviet Zis 3 field gun. The .stl pack from deweycat includes files for both resin and FDM printing. The resin pack has three .stls; the FDM has six .stls. The resin files include pre-supported files as well. Dewey cat has also provided an optional base is offered to mount your gun. The base has 4 x 27 mm recesses for the gun crew figures (you need to provide your own crew).

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