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Its a Gaz, Gaz, Gaz

Deweycat start the new year with the release of a stl fot the Soviet Gaz “jeep”. While the Allies provided the Soviets with almost 78,000   ¼ ton “Jeep” vehicles, the Soviets had realized the value of a lightweight four-wheel drive during their initial invasion of Finland in 1939- 1940 and put the Gaz 64 into production in March 1941. With field experience, improvements were made, and the Gaz 67 was developed. Production started in September 1943, followed by the improved Gaz 67B, whose construction continued into the post war period.

In Bolt Action,  the Gaz 67 has the same stats as the Western Jeep – acting as a tow for a light gun, or a transport for a three-man team. Alternately, like the jeep, it can be equipped with a pintle mounted MMG and provide some mobile harassment of your tabletop foe. This .stl from Deweycat includes .stls for FDM and resin printing. The resin pack includes a driver figure. Both resin and FDM packs  include a pintle mounted Maxim MMG.

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