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IV, III and 1/2

The post-KS files keep coming from Night Sky Miniatures. From the most recent half-track KS NSM has released the M3A2 Halftrack stl. The M3A2 was an improvement on the popular M3/M3A1 halftrack with the iconic ‘pulpit’ for the 50 Cal HMG and improved stowage layout. This model includes a driver figure, gunners for 30 cal MMG and 50 cal HMG, and a chained tyres option. In addition to the M3A2 NSM has released stl for the Panzer IV Ausf D and Panzer III Ausf H. The Ausf D is the infantry support model, equipped with short barrelled howitzer, whereas the Ausf H saw the Panzer three upgraded with a 5cm gun, taking the Panzer III from a light AT to a medium AT gun. All these models come with pre-supported and pre-hollowed options, plus an option to print tracks separately or attached to hull

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